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Avalon High School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Our Mission

    Avalon High School is a continuation High school with an important mission- to help high school students who are behind in credits recover those credits and graduate on time. We have a blended learning environment, which earns students are assigned a combination of computerized coursework, teacher-directed lessons, and group projects. Students work at their own pace to complete assignments and close classes. Our blended program allows for individual growth and development. 

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    principals message 

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Welcome back to a new school year! This year we are opening school through remote instruction. We look forward to challenging our students in a rich and engaging learning environment to maximize their potential. As the principal, I assure you that I will do all I can to make this happen. Our staff is among the best in the district.

    This year I am pleased to share with you some of our accomplishments. First, we have increased our daily attendance rate by 40%+ for last year. We fully expect to do the same this year, even better! Second, we have maintained zero suspensions and zero fights on our campus. We have also continued our mentoring program through Sharefest, our nonprofit partner, for our students enrolled in the College Access class. Additionally, several of our June graduates have already enrolled at Harbor College, LA Trade Tech Community College, and one student will attend El Camino Community College. When students eventually return to campus, we will increase our programs to benefit our students.

    This year we ask that you partner with us to help your child recover credits in the following ways:

    ♦ Edgenuity: Insist that your child attends and actively participates in their assigned Engenuity and Zoom classes each day, and please monitor their progress! When students regularly attend and participate in each class each day, they are better able to catch up on their classes and credits towards graduation.

    ♦ Electives: Your child is enrolled in elective courses that are required for graduation. Our electives will continue during your child’s at-home instruction through the great help of our nonprofit partnerships with Sharefest, South Bay Center/Thrive, Heidi Duckler Dance Company, and LA Trade Tech Community College.

    Our elective offerings include:

    → College Access program

    → Communication Skills

    → Diesel – Advanced Transportation & Manufacturing Program

    → Urban Arts

    → Creative Writing

    → Dance

    → Yoga

    → PE


    ♦ Homework: Your child can work ahead in all of their online coursework.

    ♦ Daily Attendance; Your child’s progress is dependent on the time and effort they put into their work. During these uncertain times, it is very easy to slip into a hazy state of mind and let the time slip by. Please work with your child to keep them productive and engaged.


    If at any time, you see your child is having difficulty with their work or in need of counseling, please call me at school or email me at I am here for you and your child!

    Thank you for enrolling your child at our school!